måndag 31 augusti 2009


A collaboration between young Austrian fashion designer, Ali Zedtwitz, and Weekday has become a twelve piece collection that are up for purchase in every Weekday store these days.

The twelve pieces are voluminous and comes in a black to fading grey colour range, though to add some colour for the normally grey autumn it also features accentuate colours cobalt blue and pale sepia. Since it´s a unisex collection it´s voluminous and clean lines. Zedtwitz wanted to create a collection with movement, silhouette, colour, structure and pattern that reflects common times. The price range is from 300- 1600 SEK.

(Picture knicked from fashtastic)

Ali Zedtwitz examined from University of applied arts in Vienna in 2008. She won the Fashion Award of the Ministry (wort a one year scholarship abroad) in 2009.

Earlier piece from Ali Zedtwitz

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