onsdag 12 augusti 2009


Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Damernas Värld (Ladies World) will give away their annual price, Guldknappen, to one of the Swedish designers. It will be a two day sprakling fashion crammed party held at Cirkus (Djurgården) in Stockholm.

The Thursday is for the people in the fashion business and therefore it´s only possible to attend by invitation. The Friday is for the readers of the magazine and a ticket can be purchased for 460 SKR here! It´s worth every penny, or öre if you like it that way.

The price has been given away since 1982 and the purpose is to promote Swedish clothing design and fashion makers.

Last year Karin Jimfelt Ghatan from Odd Molly won the price. 2007 it was Ann-sofie Back (nowadays showing her collections in London) and the year before that the price went to Lars Nilsson and the saga continues.

Everything about Guldknappen is very hush hush, the winner can´t be revealed until he or she is presented on Thursday, the nominees are never mentioned in broad daylight. So if one want´s to know who is tomorrows shooting star at the Swedish fashion heaven, buy a ticket!

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