lördag 28 november 2009


It would be so much nicer if the sun went up around 5 o´clock, it would facilitate the way to determine what is night and day.

fredag 27 november 2009


The last two days I´ve been developing a weird sleeping pattern in an effort to enable to finish my seven hand ins that is due on the 9th of December.

My days mostly look like this since I changed routines: Get up around 11, go to uni, eat dinner etc. Fall asleep around 19.00-19.30 and sleep to around 23.00. Then I stay up until 5.18 in the morning in an attempt to sort myself out.

Because of that I mostly look like this:
In my case I´m giving myself an opportunity to finish projects and essays and model Coco Rocha via her blog is providing all aspiring designers and Rocha lovers out there with an opportunity to help her designing a clothing line.

tisdag 24 november 2009


J´adore Edith Sedgwick, or Edie if you want to put it that way. I must confess that I first got aware of her through the Factory Girl film, which starred my then not so fancied a lot celebrity Sienna Miller. My curiousness about Edie and her relationship with Andy Warhol and my embracing of the 60s-70s era´s famous faces made me eager to watch it. And so I did and so I have a many more times after that. It is thanks to Factory Girl that I nowadays am able to stand Sienna.

What I find really interesting about Edie is her sense of style, she was equipped with a pretty face and good bones and that makes it a lot easier to carry off certain apparel, but those headscarves, that crop, and the heavy make up.

The film captivates the time and fashion very well and one of my favourite outfits is when Edie and Andy is walking in a park (Central Park?) and Edie (Sienna)is wearing this fantastic cap. It inspired me so much that I had to buy a similar at Accessorize last year. And today in an attempt to shelter my hair from the rain but mainly covering my roots I wore it for the first time.

Here´s my favourite song from the movie. Also note how I clothed myself in a little sixties inspired dress and white tights, just trying to captivate an era, clueless thoughts.

söndag 22 november 2009


In an online interview with WWD this week Kate Moss said that one of her mottos were: "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," which caused an outrage. She is now accused for causing anorexia and giving fuel to those who participate in a pro-ana lifestyle.

I can totally see where those who are slamming here are coming from, but who is really surprised? Is it something new that the fashion world embrace skinny? A new emphasis was put on this subject when Eliana and Luisel, the two model sisters that starved themself to death in the time frame of six months. Because of this Spain among others has banned models with a BMI under 18.

But is it the right thing to do, to blame one industry (fashion industry) for causing eating disorders? Is it all about food and fitting into the clothes? Does everyone in the world who is under the spell of an eating disorder want to look like Kate Moss?

fredag 20 november 2009


20 year old Daul Kim´s agency Next confirm that the South Korean model was found dead on the 19th of November in her flat in Paris. The cause of death is still unknown but there are rumours of suicide circulating.

When I look at the pictures of this utterly beautiful girl I see no smiles and her glance gives me the chill, it´s too much sadness.

South Korea has the highest rate of suicide among the 30 nations belonging to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Kim has walked the collections of Alexander McQueen and Chanel and was well known for her platinum blonde hair complementing her asian features.

torsdag 19 november 2009


I woke about seven times this nights due to nightmares, I can´t remember very clearly what they were about but something like everyone letting me down and turning their back on me. The night before I dreamed that Japanese murderers chased me and I went on a a fence like M.I.A in Bucky done gone video.

I feel as predictable as I look, as if I was trying deconstructivism but ended up with platitude. Bummer!

onsdag 18 november 2009


Just made a can of coffee, I´ll stay up late just to fucking write man (do anyone else than me feel the reference to Lester Bangs in Almost Famous?). The last weeks of never ending parties is declared to be so last two weeks and the new thing is multiple essays and outstanding presentations.

måndag 16 november 2009

This weekend has been nothing but a bit too much fun to be concentrated on uni work. So here I am on a cold Monday morning newly washed hair and dressed in different shades of white as a sign of the pureness that will mark this week. And the anxiety I´ll just ignore.
I recommend this song.

fredag 13 november 2009


I got a lounge full of balloons but no model and no camera. And the clubs and the pubs must stay unvisited tonight cause I´ll be writing an essay on the subject of globalisation with special reference to the Japanese designer Issey Miyake. Then I will edit some pictures and analyse Dove´s beauty campaign and I will send all those emails to my interviewees and read French all night long.
Au Revoir!


Director Spike Jonze and Opening Ceremony has created a limited collection inspired by his new film based on Maurice Sendak´s book Where the Wild Things Are. The connotations of wild are conjured up by the faux fur pieces and Pamela Love´s fantastic jewelry.

Since I been looking for a claw ring for long enough time I would more than appreciate to have this or anything by Love really in my treasure box. I say as Lykke Li: "I like it rough, I like it raw.."

onsdag 11 november 2009


This afternoon I been literally doing nothing else but surfing the internet and listening to music. There´s a house party on tonight but I´m totally dead tired so I will just have a shower and then read a book until my eyelids twitch and I fall asleep.

Riding on the photo booth wave.


Magnificient Magazine is bringing the online magazine to a new level. I love their photo stories.

The only thing I been doing today is going to uni for one lesson and then been on facebook. Congrats to my adventurous life. I´m giving a way a few photo booth moments here.

tisdag 10 november 2009


It was so intensely cold this morning when I was supposed to go up that I just couldn´t. I put the duvet around me which made me look like a caterpillar and slept for a few more hours until I went up, put my fur hat on and made tea.

Since yesterday I been listening to this song if I have been awake. Now back to the Japanese designers and globalization.


One of my favourite models are Perth born Gemma Ward, but the gossip has it that she quit modeling.

Her doll like features captured me, that perfect round face and those wide apart eyes which gave her a resemblance of an alien, I just loved it.

Apparently the death of her lover Heath Ledger put her in a chock, she gained a lot of weight (anti depressant pills?) and she wanted to go trekking in Nepal. Fair enough.

söndag 8 november 2009


I got seven projects to finish within one month, then it's off for christmas. Better start typing, shooting, sketching. TaTa!

måndag 2 november 2009


I'm huntiong ballooons for a photo shoot.