torsdag 24 september 2009


I´m leaving Sweden for England today. Feels all right except for the regular worry of luggage overweight, and that it feels like my tonsils have mutated into golf balls.

If to wish for any kind of luxury luggage I would choose the whimsical Louis Vuitton which was featured in "The Darjeeling Limited".

onsdag 23 september 2009


It´s caramel sweet, it´s something to wear while eating cookies and cream and having tea- it´s Luella!

My thoughts are dragged to Minnie Mouse and a mix between the 50´s polka dot pattern and something slightly reminiscent of the 80´s volume, while checking this collection out.

Down the catwalk the models are swagging the delicate round necked coats, draped dresses, high waisted shorts, chic jackets and seductive blouses in shades of cream, raspberry red, peach, nougat and cotton candy pink.

The swag-a-lagging is probably caused, and made available, by the heels that are not twisting ankle high, rather suited for a walk in the town. The pointed toes are adorned with bows upon which pastel coloured flowerbeds seem to grow.

And the bows are as present in the ss'10 collection as the flowers where two years ago. In the hair, on show straps, in necks, decorating the accentuated waists etc.

(Pics from

I believe Walt Disney would have enjoyed this, and he do seems to have had a finger in the pie somehow when the make up was made- colourful crayon lines.

tisdag 22 september 2009


London Fashion week commenced on the 18th. Trendsetting and showstopping collections, picked up details from the darkest areas underground, heavy indulgences, the best dj´s, let´s call it a well good party that will end on the 22nd.

Epitomising what one is to expect from London is Johnny Blueeyes and his fashion house House of BlueEyes.

(Pics knicked from paula Harrowing)

fredag 18 september 2009


I´m leaving on a jet train, or X2000 or whatever you want to call it. Lame it is since the internet is working quite briefly and my body feels like it want to go to sleep for a week or so.

Went shooting summer'10 clothes yesterday, fun fun times and a 12 hour day, then went home for some heavy packalacking and totally stressed out becaue my stuff didn´t longer fit in the suitcase or the other bags.

Had my last day doing work experience and it felt a bit sad to leave, but never look back is quite my motto. I got some great make up and we had wine and peanut ings and talked for ages.

Am having water and a coffee, trying to stay awake cause I won´t reach my destination until 23.31 to be precise. However I cleaned my computer (read: put some images and old texts in the trash) and then I found some amazing pics.

(sources unknown)

onsdag 16 september 2009


Yesterday it was the official premiere for the longed after widely spoke about film Coco- before Chanel.

Models, bloggers, designers, rock stars, media personalities, shop owners and fashion lovers was crowding the red carpet. The outfits mostly being black and white with red lipstick and pink bags to accentuate, from utterly boring to amusing I must say.

(All pics knicked from

tisdag 15 september 2009


If to believe the press and if one judge by the look on her face in 90% of the paparazzi shoots Victoria Beckham´s marriage is not that fun, neither is her collection that was showed on Sunday.

A lot of money was spent on the advertising of her collection, and it was parted opinions about the penetration effect of it.
I like it though, cause I romanticise swinging in Sloane streets off course wearing a dress,too bad that the dresses was quite out of focus.

However, the collection consists out of..daaah dresses! Raspberry red, dramatic black, sunny yellow and midnight hues. Simple little garments with detail cuts, adorned belts, shoulder pads and floating skirts from mini to midi length.

(Pics from

The backdrop: dark floor, white walls; simple, clean, but boring. Doing a debut collection in New York in my opinion demands a bit more. And being even more pessimistic, but with an optimistic touch I say: "well, it´s her first really, maybe next time. As a guest designer it would work, no doubt". And those grey platform shoes is something I could imagine wearing.

måndag 14 september 2009


The shooting star Alexander Wang showed his collection on Saturday and the praises has not stayed away this year either. The collection is like cheerleader meets sports guy in a sombre colour scale that range from blue´s to grey´s, to white and brown tones and off course, stripes.

Soft meets hard in the outfits to create that edgy balace that Wang is known for. Knitted knee high socks paired with animal printed heels, laced mini shorts with backcombed braid, sculptural rugby shoulders in thick leather on the fluffy cotton dress.

The trend of transparent is shown in fine knitted striped garments, the ripped stockings that been paraded on every street in every corner of the world is now occupying sweaters, t-shirts, skirts etc. And off course there is biker influences in form of gross zips, black, studs.

Wang also exposes calves, belly buttons, waist and stomach with subtle holes in the dresses and socks and continuing the belly button top trend.


His friend, muse and not lesser known Erin Wasson echoes this self-disclosured trend in the Erin Wasson x RVCA collection, where belly and waist is up for looks.

The relaxed fit collection goes in nude tones, pink, denim, white with clinging metallic silver and gold to accentuate. Wasson also embrace the laid back hippie look with flared, wide legs and floating hair.


There´s a lot of things common in Wang´s and Wasson´s collection, the colour scale, the style, the holes and the visible socks for example. A result from being very good friends?
What we also can discern, because of earlier experiences is that those things common is going to be trends for the next summer. Me myself find this hole-thingie, that expose all the parts that I rather hide, a bit scary, and when summer comes will not that burn (I hopefully catched in the spring) more look a rash?

lördag 12 september 2009


An old favourite of mine

torsdag 10 september 2009


Just came out of the shower after a long days work, but it has been really really fun!!

The team of seven dwarfs (one photographer, photographer assistant, stylist, fashion assistant, me, hair & make up woman and model)left at 6.30 this morning. After a half hours drive we took a taxi boat for another half an hour. When we arrived at one, among the other thousand islands, in Stockholm´s archipelago a little walk felt tempting.

Side by side we carried the luggage through the terrain of mountains under the sky that looked alarming cloudy. Since there was no road, or even a path, we lost the track but the photographer who knew where the house we were supposed to hold court ran in front to find, and lucky did he got!

We hanged the clothes up, make up suitcase was spread over the table and then we all sat down for breakfast before we started the process of shooting Summer'10 fashion.

The clouds disappeared and the sky turned beautiful blue, the light was great and it was a might fine day. I got to learn a lot about different lights and that dark green converse look nice with beige chinos.

After shooting ten pictures, one cover, laughing our heads off and I had been eating hazelnut cookies from Lidl the clock was 17.30 and we left for home. Everything went so smooth that we all where amazed. Didn´t got home until 20.30 since I was walking the streets thinking about how much I will miss everything when I leave in one week. But now, bed and tomorrow another shoot.

"Can you please catch the light?"
"Walk towards me, look flirty! Just like that, yes! Yes!"
"The light is so hard right now."
Quotes from a photo shoot, maybe should make a dictionary.

onsdag 9 september 2009


Tomorrow New York fashion week will take off. If you happen to be in The Big Apple check out the schedule here! Their will be a lot of legging in stiletto heels between Bryant Park and MAC & MILK which is where the shows will be held.

The recession is also mirrored in the fashion world in many mysterious and unmysterious ways. And maybe it´s because of the economic climate that 30 designers, Hollywood star loved Proenza Schouler among others, have decided to have no charge at their shows.

Marc Jacobs is one of those not living as large as he used to (who isn´t?) but his famous after-party is back! This year Lady Gaga will let her star shine at this invitation only party following mr Jacobs show on the 14th.

What makes my heart flutter and my pride grow is that the Swedish models are highly popular on the catwalk.

Tilda Lindstam, that caught the fashion world´s critical eye while modeling Sonia Rykiel´s restort collection.

Mimmi Söderström and Hanna Holman, modeling the Miu Miu Fall´09 campaign

Mimmi Söderström

Hanna Holman

Frecklefaced Julia Håfström, featured in the Prada Fall´09 campaign (guess Miuccia Prada got a thing for Swedish beauties).

tisdag 8 september 2009


Head fashion reporter and Editor for the International Herald Tribune since 1988, style columnist at the New York Times, author of books about the British Royal style, honoured a Legion d´Honneur (French national order of the legion of Honour established by no one less than Napoleon Bonaparte) and with a British OBE for her serves in journalism. I´m talking about one of my role models, Suzy Menkes, who has written about 1.7 million words in paper and is considered to be a fashion authority.

She has studied dressmaking in Paris, where she now lives, history and English literature at famous Cambridge and says that it was one of Nina Ricci´s haute couture shows that sparked her interest in the high fashion scene.

With her obvious enthusiasm and passion for the subject of fashion she writes about a wide range of fashion oriented subject: haute couture, talents, new store openings, designer collaborations. Menkes is interest of analysing the changing style in a social context. After taking a deeper dive into the Italian fashion house pool she questioned the future of La Famiglia.

She´s frequently seen at fashion events and shows in remarkable outfits and accessories, she´s a bright spot among the grey I would say.

At the Project Runway Fall 2009 fashion show with (L-R) Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum

måndag 7 september 2009


I got this ring which my aunt game me when graduating 1st ord 2nd year in school. Since horses where not so cool from being eleven years old I haven´t used it that much, and hardly ever when I was younger either, sorry aunt, but it just wasn´t practical when climbing trees or playing football.

And horses reminds me of being 19 spending lazy summer days at my grabdparents summer house listening to Patti Smith-Horses. And how we were just a few months late, to see her gig at the CBGB close down in New York.


söndag 6 september 2009


In 2004, because of shared sleep deprivation Josh Connor and Lyz Olko launched a streetwear label called Obesity and Speed. The label is known for its unfinished and distressed t-shirts, tie-back tanks and sweaters with hand drawn messages as "Nothing sacred", "Ignore Orders", "Even death can die".

The name of the label, Obesity and Speed, has its roots in punk music and is sampled from Josh and Lyz favourite back-in-the-day punk band. The prints will certainly remind those whi witnessed the punk at its glory.

This summer they designed a collection for Urban Outfitters called "Nothing sacred" and a shameless rip-off has been made by Forever 21.

lördag 5 september 2009

Would love to plod around in the snow wearing these deslicious Klea wedges, in grey though.

Carin Wester, winner of Guldknappen 2009, has an absolutely fabolous a/w 09 collection. The romantic boys and edgy femmes. Now she has opened a webshop, to my great happiness. Visit

torsdag 3 september 2009


I love this woman. Reminds me that I need to take that French class this very year.

onsdag 2 september 2009


Every morning for the last four weeks(except for in the weekends) I have risen and shine at 6.45, yes that´s a.m, to put my face on, rumbling through my suitcase (I almost lived in one for the last years) for clothes to wear, had a sandwich and a cup of tea and forgot my lunchbox in the fridge before I have to run to the bus that leaves at 7.32.

On my way t work, always make the mistake to wear dress when it´s raining and bring a umbrella when it´s not

After travelling with the bus and metro, three changes total, I will be at the place where I do my work experience ( six weeks)which is at a Swedish fashion magazine in the style department. I have a cup of coffee, people drop in at the office and then another wonderful day really begins.

Since I´m just a trainee I have to start from zero, which includes the necessary work of writing returns to different press offices. And the returns are endless piles of clothes tucked in a zillion bags in a small room. It takes up a lot of time!

I also assort clothes that have been used at shoots in bags to the different press offices. If we borrow from a store that do not have a press office or if it´s very very expensive jewelery (last week I walked around town with a ring worth 35 000SEK) I will carry a lot of heavy and valuable bags mostly to different areas in the city. Also is very time consuming.

I tag along to different photo shoots where I and often a fashion assistant assist the stylist. I get to buy the food, write the clothes and accessories down that been used in the different outfits, corrects clothes on the model, iron the garments if we are inside.

We were shooting an mc brud last week. Came home eleven hours later covered in dust.

And I might be able to go to a fashion event/ party sometime, but that´s not happening very often. And I do get a massage every other week.

It´s not glamorous at all, if we are doing a shoot I might work from 8 a.m an twelve hours onwards, if it´s a lot to do in the office I will do over time (I don´t get paid a single penny/dime/ krona), there´s a lot of running and the one hour lunchtime in the day will probably be shorter, the coffee in the coffee machine taste like shit. But it´s worth every minute, cause I´m passionate about it, get to see amazing clothes and get a very good idea about what my future (hopefully!!!) will look like, and I love it!