onsdag 2 september 2009


Every morning for the last four weeks(except for in the weekends) I have risen and shine at 6.45, yes that´s a.m, to put my face on, rumbling through my suitcase (I almost lived in one for the last years) for clothes to wear, had a sandwich and a cup of tea and forgot my lunchbox in the fridge before I have to run to the bus that leaves at 7.32.

On my way t work, always make the mistake to wear dress when it´s raining and bring a umbrella when it´s not

After travelling with the bus and metro, three changes total, I will be at the place where I do my work experience ( six weeks)which is at a Swedish fashion magazine in the style department. I have a cup of coffee, people drop in at the office and then another wonderful day really begins.

Since I´m just a trainee I have to start from zero, which includes the necessary work of writing returns to different press offices. And the returns are endless piles of clothes tucked in a zillion bags in a small room. It takes up a lot of time!

I also assort clothes that have been used at shoots in bags to the different press offices. If we borrow from a store that do not have a press office or if it´s very very expensive jewelery (last week I walked around town with a ring worth 35 000SEK) I will carry a lot of heavy and valuable bags mostly to different areas in the city. Also is very time consuming.

I tag along to different photo shoots where I and often a fashion assistant assist the stylist. I get to buy the food, write the clothes and accessories down that been used in the different outfits, corrects clothes on the model, iron the garments if we are inside.

We were shooting an mc brud last week. Came home eleven hours later covered in dust.

And I might be able to go to a fashion event/ party sometime, but that´s not happening very often. And I do get a massage every other week.

It´s not glamorous at all, if we are doing a shoot I might work from 8 a.m an twelve hours onwards, if it´s a lot to do in the office I will do over time (I don´t get paid a single penny/dime/ krona), there´s a lot of running and the one hour lunchtime in the day will probably be shorter, the coffee in the coffee machine taste like shit. But it´s worth every minute, cause I´m passionate about it, get to see amazing clothes and get a very good idea about what my future (hopefully!!!) will look like, and I love it!

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