tisdag 8 september 2009


Head fashion reporter and Editor for the International Herald Tribune since 1988, style columnist at the New York Times, author of books about the British Royal style, honoured a Legion d´Honneur (French national order of the legion of Honour established by no one less than Napoleon Bonaparte) and with a British OBE for her serves in journalism. I´m talking about one of my role models, Suzy Menkes, who has written about 1.7 million words in paper and is considered to be a fashion authority.

She has studied dressmaking in Paris, where she now lives, history and English literature at famous Cambridge and says that it was one of Nina Ricci´s haute couture shows that sparked her interest in the high fashion scene.

With her obvious enthusiasm and passion for the subject of fashion she writes about a wide range of fashion oriented subject: haute couture, talents, new store openings, designer collaborations. Menkes is interest of analysing the changing style in a social context. After taking a deeper dive into the Italian fashion house pool she questioned the future of La Famiglia.

She´s frequently seen at fashion events and shows in remarkable outfits and accessories, she´s a bright spot among the grey I would say.

At the Project Runway Fall 2009 fashion show with (L-R) Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum

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