måndag 31 augusti 2009


A collaboration between young Austrian fashion designer, Ali Zedtwitz, and Weekday has become a twelve piece collection that are up for purchase in every Weekday store these days.

The twelve pieces are voluminous and comes in a black to fading grey colour range, though to add some colour for the normally grey autumn it also features accentuate colours cobalt blue and pale sepia. Since it´s a unisex collection it´s voluminous and clean lines. Zedtwitz wanted to create a collection with movement, silhouette, colour, structure and pattern that reflects common times. The price range is from 300- 1600 SEK.

(Picture knicked from fashtastic)

Ali Zedtwitz examined from University of applied arts in Vienna in 2008. She won the Fashion Award of the Ministry (wort a one year scholarship abroad) in 2009.

Earlier piece from Ali Zedtwitz

söndag 30 augusti 2009


Designer Martin Margiela has in a collaboration with Dr. Martens created the white combat boot. To buy now!

lördag 29 augusti 2009


(Images knicked from Knightcat)

Editorial from Vmagazine #61, do I need to add that this is the most amazing beautiful stunning editorial I´ve seen in ages. Think the denim job in Vogue with Anna Selezneva was the last time I was starstruck.

torsdag 27 augusti 2009


Ever since I saw the capes, previously owned by Janis Joplin, at the Hardrock café in Los Angeles I been wanting a cape. The obsession of purchasing a cape has been gaining strength in the latest days, maybe because it´s autumn, but still a bit too hot for a jacket and too cold for just a sweater. I have also seen the fantastic cape Kate Moss was wearing on stage, s I guess I´m not the only one in town looking for one eehhh?! But the cape fashion didn´t start witjh kate, neither with Janis Joplin.

It has been existing since the Antiques and has been doubled as a night blanket, protecting warriors and Arabs from the cold desert nights. It´s said to be one of the simplets garments to make, it´s features are fastened by the neck and covering half back of the wearer (supplementary course: the full length garment is called cloak).

It was highly popular in Medieval Europe and after that era it didn´t returned into European fashion until the 1850s and then became a staple in the female wardrobe. The etiquette books from 1890s advice every "real" lady to have at least two or three capes in her closet. The capes from these times also had secret inner pockets to keep the lady´s items. In the thirties it was the cloth of the fun loving, chic woman.

Victorian lady cape

Today it´s associated with Rock n´Roll because of the likes of Janis Joplin, Kate Moss, La Rouxe etc. but, it´s also a garment that signals ladylike. Everything depends on the styling.

The cape also signals protection, not just because French (for example)military units and police wears it, but because common superheros like Superman and Batman is wearing them while keeping streets clean.

onsdag 26 augusti 2009


It all started with a replica of a n 1800 century dress.

Instead of collections she calls them projects. Based on limited editions (mostly she makes just one of each garment), longlasting pieces and experimental tailoring; Josefin Strid recreates the natural body shape with her knife edged cutting and heavy sculpturing and not to mention the obsesssion with shoulders and the like of complicate constructions.

By using the preferable materials: wool, leather, silk and cotton, favorably mixed together she makes clothes that screams attitude.

Inspired by Tim Burton´s movies, mostly featuring Johnny Depp and the other half, Helena Bonham Carter, the French band Vive la Fête´s attitude, music and scene costumes, Haute Couture, architect Frank Ghery and painter Olle Baertling the project features sexy one shoulder dresses and umbrella shaped skirts, detailed knitwear, Russian tsar attire, dinosaur scarves, Evil stepmother dresses and playful ballerina costumes, pleated capes, star wars-shoulders.

Josefin consider that garments should be well- made and thereby an investment rather than a throwaway. She puts a lot of detailwork into the clothes and finds the building of the garment to be what speaks to her mostly.

She has been spending the summer in London designing for Giles Deacon.

(Check her website out to virtually turn each fantastic page after another).

tisdag 25 augusti 2009


Today I felt a bit like Anne Hathaway´s character Andrea who is a second assistant at Runway magazine in The Devil wears Prada. I was literally running around in a very hot city where I don´t know the names of the streets and is unfortunately not gifted with a sixth sense telling me if I went North, East or just around in a circle. Though I always find where I´m going in some mysterious way, without using maps and all that crap.

Anyhow, there I was with this bags crammed with clothes and clothes which we were going to use for a job in the magazine, and I had to find a hotel which has a very fancy store inside. Well it seemed to rather has disappeared from the earth. So kind of hot like a chili, I went up to a builder guy and asked for the hotel. He didn´t seemed to know, just pointed to the opposite street and some other lads. I asked them, and I hoped they like to have a good laugh, since I was standin in front of that hotel, oh dear!

Well, I got the jewellery and headed back to the office with the metro.

måndag 24 augusti 2009


I got a slight obsession with tights. Not that I wear them everyday, I don´t even style them as good as they could be styled I just keep stocking up on them.

Tucked in my plastic bag are heart printed white over knees, cobolt blue tights, Chanel copy in black and nude, white, grey, black and gold etc etc etc. And now my little collection has increased with some black and white block coloured ones from British hoisery brand Pretty Polly´s collaboration with 80´s t-shirt legend Henry Holland (designer for House of Holland).

I bought them here!
Shipping will take about 7- 10 days and the price is 172 SEK or £14.

söndag 23 augusti 2009


New shoes from Vagabond

To fit outside: shoes: Vagabond, jeans: Topshop, t-shirt: Resteröds, glasses: Punkt shop, ring: Primark, bracelet: mum´s

The new hair colour. Not brown, not black-purple, no still existing roots. Just copper-red as advertised on the package. Amazed!

lördag 22 augusti 2009


No, I´m not promoting Moscino´s campaign here, more of a Vagabond men´s shoe really.

This black jodphurs goes is included in Swedish shoebrand Vagabond´s Autumn collection for 1100 SEK.

Seeing different collections and walking in and out of endless shops I forecast this shoe model to be the men´s it shoe this Autumn/ Winter and the price between them are quite various so this is a really good buy.

While seeing it I think of rock n´roll, decadent clubs i.e Pete Doherty carnage in the street.

torsdag 20 augusti 2009


Ylva Liljefors, from Tiger of Sweden, will be the new responsible designer for Odd Molly´s men´s collection, which she will design together with the founder of Odd Molly: Per Holknekt.

Holknekt says that Liljefors is a real dreamcatch for the brand, he has an abnormous confide in her, and as if that´s not enough he praise her with the additional superlatives as "fantastic designer" and "brave".

The men´s collection which still doesn´t have a name will be will come forward under it´s own trademark and ready for delivery to international stores Autumn 2010.

In the year 2002 Ylva Liljefors received Guldknappen which Odd Molly´s Karin Jimfelt Ghatan was awarded last year.

Odd Molly is now highly topical with their campaign featuring beauty Helena Christensen.

Pics from the campaign shoot

Pics from chic

onsdag 19 augusti 2009


In the year of 2000, not in a galaxy far far away, but in Australia there was a foxy brown haired girl Jamie Blakey who loved her scissors, pens, needles. In her bedroom she used her beloved things in a self taught way to create magic- a ten piece collection.

General Pants and David Jones put the ten piece collection- now with the name One Teaspoon, in their shelves and it became a success, today it´s a household name in Australia (the first concept store was in Syndney´s Bondi Beach) and retailed in the U.S, Japan and Europe ( among others it´s stocked atTopshop in Oxford street, London ).

In 2007 the brand collaborated with sunglass giant Le Specs and One Teaspoon expanded into the accessories. In Australia they retail One Teaspoon shoes and sandals.

The brand is chic and cute. It´s florals and everyday staples with obscure cuts and a dust of coolness. References might be drawn to Montevideo or Sankt Petersburg.

S/S 09

A/W 09 (in Australia they hang out on the beach in the winters, instead of wearing big heavy jackets and boots. Kind of a climate question)

I find the summer feeling, which I always want to hold onto throughout the year but never really succeed with, appealing. How they use simply backgrounds to not draw the attention from the s/s collection, which would be hard to do. The wind that´s being catched in the a/w collection truly makes the clothes come a live.

Only one thing to say: Teatime!!

tisdag 18 augusti 2009


Most of the days I get to see clothes- order them, hang them up, put them in bags, write them down and send them back etc. the other part of the day I sleep, eat or listen to music- but that´s not very pertinent.

As the days go by I get to see these amazing things and my fingers itches and I brainstorm about how to make the money enough for those things I just wan´t to die for (no, not in the Rachel Zoe project way, maybe you should just forget I wrote the "die for fashion"sentence) and food, which I actually will die from if I don´t consume.

Well enough waffling now. This very weekend I bought a new dress from H&M. Very budget, money for a lot. It´s lioness yellow, got a nice draping nd even though it´s made of Elasthan and polyester it looks like velvet.

The chest is rouched and creased. Nice effects.

The skirt got a very nice round cut which makes it fall good.

My beloved friend got this amazing floral dress from Monki. I feel very ambivalent about all these flowers that keeps getting stocked in the shelves. Like a love-hate relationship. Ridning on the rollercoaster, high up (cute when mixed with rough) and down (might look like grandma´s old very deep in the closet stored cleaning robe), but that also means it never get´s boring, right?

Pattern close up

Creased arm. I feel a trend coming on!

måndag 17 augusti 2009


The rumour has it, that Zara Home interior will be retailed at Ellos in the near future. It´s available these days (for shipping to Sweden) at Zara Home. com, all orders over 1500 SKR are for free.

Zara Home got everything for the bedroom, bathroom and livingroom at a very reasonable price, just as the clothing brand.

Unfortunately I can´t tell when this will happen but I will get back about it later i.e as soon as I got a bit more flesh on my legs.

söndag 16 augusti 2009


From August 7th-9th the American music festival Lollapalooza was going on in Chicago. Except from bands like Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lou Reed, Band of Horses and many, many more bands that would give a fantastic musical experience, the place was packed with stylish people. As always on festivals.

This girl is wearing "all vintage". I love the salt water hair, make up and feathers.

This chap wearing a rock n´roll ensemble from Levi´s with the classic Ray-ban sunglasses and Durango boots.
Creme white dress from Christian Dior. No more needed to say.

Lovely toutou, vintage.

H&M shirt, Levi´s jeans and Uniqlo sneakers.

lördag 15 augusti 2009


Since all of my focus been on Swedish designers this last week I must give you one autumn tip. The vest from Dagmar is fabolous.
It was shown in the nominee´s show on Guldknappen, it might look a bit weird on the hanger but don´t hesitate, its really wonderful. If you are not skint as me.


As everyone know by now, or at least those who read metro, been online since yesterday, watched the Channel 1 news or read Expressen, Carin Wester was the Swedish designer who was awarded Guldknappen 2009. This is why: "The woman is sharp and the man romantic. This year´s winner of Guldknappen push traditional limits with her design, which has given her a big group of fans early in her career. Now she´s ready to take the next fashion step with creativity a well formulated business plan, new vision and above all a coherent autumn collcetion- so very right in time. Carin Wester is a good representer for the Swedish expression, that´s why she get´s Guldknappen".

The other ones who where nominated were: Dagmar, Diana Orving, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Hunkydory and Whyred.

I felt that Wester was well worth the price. The autumn collection is really fantastic, like made up for romantic darkening nights that possibly will end up in a decadent club as well as it fits for people playing chess and having a glass of brandy. Beautiful people playing chess off course.

Carin Wester´s collections consists out of a female line "Carin Wester" and the male line "Wester" and the limited and handmade line "W".

The a/ w 09 collection was in colours of beige, grey, white, black with different shades of purple and yellow as contrast. The "Wester" line is romantic- knitted sweaters and crispy shirts tucked in the pants. The boots and scarves add a rock n´roll attitude. A little tip for every boy out there is to Wear a suit with no shirt underneath and insted have a wide scarve. Really really nice.

The most startling pieces for the girls I found being the purple and yellow ruched velvet dresses. And I want to get my little paws on those furlined wedge boots.

And it´s not just the collection that is very nice, Wester is a beauty herself. I find the reason she gave for not showing the s/s fashion show in Stockholm and instead Copenhagen realistic. It´s too early to show spring fashion then. Something needs to be changed.