torsdag 27 augusti 2009


Ever since I saw the capes, previously owned by Janis Joplin, at the Hardrock café in Los Angeles I been wanting a cape. The obsession of purchasing a cape has been gaining strength in the latest days, maybe because it´s autumn, but still a bit too hot for a jacket and too cold for just a sweater. I have also seen the fantastic cape Kate Moss was wearing on stage, s I guess I´m not the only one in town looking for one eehhh?! But the cape fashion didn´t start witjh kate, neither with Janis Joplin.

It has been existing since the Antiques and has been doubled as a night blanket, protecting warriors and Arabs from the cold desert nights. It´s said to be one of the simplets garments to make, it´s features are fastened by the neck and covering half back of the wearer (supplementary course: the full length garment is called cloak).

It was highly popular in Medieval Europe and after that era it didn´t returned into European fashion until the 1850s and then became a staple in the female wardrobe. The etiquette books from 1890s advice every "real" lady to have at least two or three capes in her closet. The capes from these times also had secret inner pockets to keep the lady´s items. In the thirties it was the cloth of the fun loving, chic woman.

Victorian lady cape

Today it´s associated with Rock n´Roll because of the likes of Janis Joplin, Kate Moss, La Rouxe etc. but, it´s also a garment that signals ladylike. Everything depends on the styling.

The cape also signals protection, not just because French (for example)military units and police wears it, but because common superheros like Superman and Batman is wearing them while keeping streets clean.

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