onsdag 26 augusti 2009


It all started with a replica of a n 1800 century dress.

Instead of collections she calls them projects. Based on limited editions (mostly she makes just one of each garment), longlasting pieces and experimental tailoring; Josefin Strid recreates the natural body shape with her knife edged cutting and heavy sculpturing and not to mention the obsesssion with shoulders and the like of complicate constructions.

By using the preferable materials: wool, leather, silk and cotton, favorably mixed together she makes clothes that screams attitude.

Inspired by Tim Burton´s movies, mostly featuring Johnny Depp and the other half, Helena Bonham Carter, the French band Vive la Fête´s attitude, music and scene costumes, Haute Couture, architect Frank Ghery and painter Olle Baertling the project features sexy one shoulder dresses and umbrella shaped skirts, detailed knitwear, Russian tsar attire, dinosaur scarves, Evil stepmother dresses and playful ballerina costumes, pleated capes, star wars-shoulders.

Josefin consider that garments should be well- made and thereby an investment rather than a throwaway. She puts a lot of detailwork into the clothes and finds the building of the garment to be what speaks to her mostly.

She has been spending the summer in London designing for Giles Deacon.

(Check her website out to virtually turn each fantastic page after another).

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