tisdag 18 augusti 2009


Most of the days I get to see clothes- order them, hang them up, put them in bags, write them down and send them back etc. the other part of the day I sleep, eat or listen to music- but that´s not very pertinent.

As the days go by I get to see these amazing things and my fingers itches and I brainstorm about how to make the money enough for those things I just wan´t to die for (no, not in the Rachel Zoe project way, maybe you should just forget I wrote the "die for fashion"sentence) and food, which I actually will die from if I don´t consume.

Well enough waffling now. This very weekend I bought a new dress from H&M. Very budget, money for a lot. It´s lioness yellow, got a nice draping nd even though it´s made of Elasthan and polyester it looks like velvet.

The chest is rouched and creased. Nice effects.

The skirt got a very nice round cut which makes it fall good.

My beloved friend got this amazing floral dress from Monki. I feel very ambivalent about all these flowers that keeps getting stocked in the shelves. Like a love-hate relationship. Ridning on the rollercoaster, high up (cute when mixed with rough) and down (might look like grandma´s old very deep in the closet stored cleaning robe), but that also means it never get´s boring, right?

Pattern close up

Creased arm. I feel a trend coming on!

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