tisdag 25 augusti 2009


Today I felt a bit like Anne Hathaway´s character Andrea who is a second assistant at Runway magazine in The Devil wears Prada. I was literally running around in a very hot city where I don´t know the names of the streets and is unfortunately not gifted with a sixth sense telling me if I went North, East or just around in a circle. Though I always find where I´m going in some mysterious way, without using maps and all that crap.

Anyhow, there I was with this bags crammed with clothes and clothes which we were going to use for a job in the magazine, and I had to find a hotel which has a very fancy store inside. Well it seemed to rather has disappeared from the earth. So kind of hot like a chili, I went up to a builder guy and asked for the hotel. He didn´t seemed to know, just pointed to the opposite street and some other lads. I asked them, and I hoped they like to have a good laugh, since I was standin in front of that hotel, oh dear!

Well, I got the jewellery and headed back to the office with the metro.

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