torsdag 10 september 2009


Just came out of the shower after a long days work, but it has been really really fun!!

The team of seven dwarfs (one photographer, photographer assistant, stylist, fashion assistant, me, hair & make up woman and model)left at 6.30 this morning. After a half hours drive we took a taxi boat for another half an hour. When we arrived at one, among the other thousand islands, in Stockholm´s archipelago a little walk felt tempting.

Side by side we carried the luggage through the terrain of mountains under the sky that looked alarming cloudy. Since there was no road, or even a path, we lost the track but the photographer who knew where the house we were supposed to hold court ran in front to find, and lucky did he got!

We hanged the clothes up, make up suitcase was spread over the table and then we all sat down for breakfast before we started the process of shooting Summer'10 fashion.

The clouds disappeared and the sky turned beautiful blue, the light was great and it was a might fine day. I got to learn a lot about different lights and that dark green converse look nice with beige chinos.

After shooting ten pictures, one cover, laughing our heads off and I had been eating hazelnut cookies from Lidl the clock was 17.30 and we left for home. Everything went so smooth that we all where amazed. Didn´t got home until 20.30 since I was walking the streets thinking about how much I will miss everything when I leave in one week. But now, bed and tomorrow another shoot.

"Can you please catch the light?"
"Walk towards me, look flirty! Just like that, yes! Yes!"
"The light is so hard right now."
Quotes from a photo shoot, maybe should make a dictionary.

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