fredag 18 september 2009


I´m leaving on a jet train, or X2000 or whatever you want to call it. Lame it is since the internet is working quite briefly and my body feels like it want to go to sleep for a week or so.

Went shooting summer'10 clothes yesterday, fun fun times and a 12 hour day, then went home for some heavy packalacking and totally stressed out becaue my stuff didn´t longer fit in the suitcase or the other bags.

Had my last day doing work experience and it felt a bit sad to leave, but never look back is quite my motto. I got some great make up and we had wine and peanut ings and talked for ages.

Am having water and a coffee, trying to stay awake cause I won´t reach my destination until 23.31 to be precise. However I cleaned my computer (read: put some images and old texts in the trash) and then I found some amazing pics.

(sources unknown)

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  1. Great inspirational pics!

    One Love,