måndag 14 september 2009


The shooting star Alexander Wang showed his collection on Saturday and the praises has not stayed away this year either. The collection is like cheerleader meets sports guy in a sombre colour scale that range from blue´s to grey´s, to white and brown tones and off course, stripes.

Soft meets hard in the outfits to create that edgy balace that Wang is known for. Knitted knee high socks paired with animal printed heels, laced mini shorts with backcombed braid, sculptural rugby shoulders in thick leather on the fluffy cotton dress.

The trend of transparent is shown in fine knitted striped garments, the ripped stockings that been paraded on every street in every corner of the world is now occupying sweaters, t-shirts, skirts etc. And off course there is biker influences in form of gross zips, black, studs.

Wang also exposes calves, belly buttons, waist and stomach with subtle holes in the dresses and socks and continuing the belly button top trend.

(Pics style.com)

His friend, muse and not lesser known Erin Wasson echoes this self-disclosured trend in the Erin Wasson x RVCA collection, where belly and waist is up for looks.

The relaxed fit collection goes in nude tones, pink, denim, white with clinging metallic silver and gold to accentuate. Wasson also embrace the laid back hippie look with flared, wide legs and floating hair.

(Pics style.com)

There´s a lot of things common in Wang´s and Wasson´s collection, the colour scale, the style, the holes and the visible socks for example. A result from being very good friends?
What we also can discern, because of earlier experiences is that those things common is going to be trends for the next summer. Me myself find this hole-thingie, that expose all the parts that I rather hide, a bit scary, and when summer comes will not that burn (I hopefully catched in the spring) more look a rash?

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