söndag 22 november 2009


In an online interview with WWD this week Kate Moss said that one of her mottos were: "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," which caused an outrage. She is now accused for causing anorexia and giving fuel to those who participate in a pro-ana lifestyle.

I can totally see where those who are slamming here are coming from, but who is really surprised? Is it something new that the fashion world embrace skinny? A new emphasis was put on this subject when Eliana and Luisel, the two model sisters that starved themself to death in the time frame of six months. Because of this Spain among others has banned models with a BMI under 18.

But is it the right thing to do, to blame one industry (fashion industry) for causing eating disorders? Is it all about food and fitting into the clothes? Does everyone in the world who is under the spell of an eating disorder want to look like Kate Moss?

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  1. Really? and I wanted to be away from the heat of my city. let's change? hahahahaha
    kisses, darling, thank you for the compliments.

  2. completely agree with you about the kate moss incident. who, in their right mind, thinks that all the models maintain their gorgeous weight by eating healthy and exercising? it's called starving yourself. people just need to be stronger and realize that a model's world is completely different from a regular person's. my time and money doesn't depend on how skinny i am...even though it does feel good to be fit sometimes... =)

  3. yeah i heard about that. i mean that's no new thing that many models have eating disorders yannoe? i mean everyone doesn't want to be a size 2 and isn't a size to. maybe she should've said fit rather than "skinny" haha. i mean it's up to the models to have a strong minds and not give a fuck if someone is calling you fat even though you're a 1 lol =/

  4. Great image :) I was actually disappointed that more people didn't comment on this on my blog and I see the same here. Its too bad that when it comes to addressing the hard issues that circumvent the industry, no one wants to talk about them but when its the latest "it" accessory or how to get Olivia Palermo's hair, everyone goes bananas.