onsdag 14 oktober 2009


One of my favourite photographers is Tim Walker because of his utterly talent to bring fairytales alive, or as he puts it: "Turning funny daydreams into funny photographs."

He do this by confessing to have had a very happy childhood and most of the time to live in an imaginary world.Well, the stunning sets and the juxtaposition of the everyday,absurd and enchanting certainly evokes an unique beauty.

This was the checklist for one of his shoots:
"20 ballerinas, 17 'mirrored' geese, 250 ostrich eggs (sprayed gold), a box of giant plastic hands, a room full of white umbrellas, 20 Christmas trees, a wolf's head-and-feet costume, a giant pumpkin, fake silver armour, a horse (also sprayed gold), hundreds of 'Arabian Nights' oil lamps, and racks of dresses, costumes and ballerina tutus,"-It do creates images of textured nuances and intriguing details.

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