söndag 18 oktober 2009


These questions won' get me charcoal grilled, but it puts me in the movement of heat (of a library where the scanner is making unbelievable noise, feel that temperature?).

Mood: Sunday calmness.
Should do: Research photographers and UK fashion and media market.
Hair do: Straight, detangled and newly washed.
Dress: Converse, black ribbed stockings, grey washed denim skirt, leopard printed singlet, red, blue and beige boy's college jacket and green parkas.
Plans: Research photographers and UK fashion and media market.
Material craving: A brown(not too sure about the exact nuance yet) bag of medium sized able to squeeze in under the arm but still fit my books, notepads, water bottle, pens etc.
Missing: Heat, warmth. My house is cold.
Contemplating: When to have dinner.
Addiction: Co-op's tripe chocolate cookies are one of the most delicious things I tasted since I first had Nando's.
Most dull: My hair, if the colour is fading.
People: Totally hooked on Gossip Girl now, watching both second and third season at the same time. Blair Waldorf is my favourite at the moment and Dan and Vanessa are really getting on my nerves.
Funniest: Samantha in Sex and The City when they are in Mexico, going out for dinner for the first time since Carrie pleased to dig out of her mexicoma and a tabkle orchestra shows up playing flamenco and the other three just hates it but Samntha totally shines and dig with the headshake and smile.

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  1. That is awesome! Love Q&A's! Have an awesome Sunday!