fredag 16 oktober 2009


Headline is kind of what connotations one makes with Swedish fashion. Since me being from Sweden know that isn't true I'm quite happy that the exhibition Swedish Fashion: Exploring a new identity is touring the world i.e saving me to tell the EVERYONE the truth.

Rickard Lindqvist, Ann- Sofie Back, Helena Horstedt, Blank, Goran Sundberg, Burfitt, Rodebjer, Martin Bergstrom, Sandra Backlund, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, The Local Firm, Diana Orving and Nakkna are the designers showing an alternative to the stereotypical Swedish.

The exhibition discuss the Swedish fashion scene as a social process in relation to the international fashion system.

The exhibition opened on the 24th October 2008 at Winzavod centre for Contemporary Art, Mosow, came to the Fashion and Textile musem , London in February (where it broke attendance record), the next stop is Tokyo (31 Oct- 17 Jan 2010).

The catalogue is available at the Swedish bookshop.

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