tisdag 20 oktober 2009


You know there's those dresses that doesn't seem to flee from memory and end up in forgotten garments world, where they are just forgotten for the rest of their lives which will be a long one cause the rottenness process of a garment is not exactly over in a few years and no one will burn them cause the can't be asked to bother. Scary thoughts, but my point is that some apparell wont just fade from the memory.

Donatella Versace's bamboo printed chiffon dress from the S/S 10 show is one of them.

Greens and blues, navel deep v-neck, fastened at the crotch with a jewelled pin and then flared out to reveal jewelled knickers, ring a bell? Thought so.

Compared to a lot of other dresses that will probably end up as in my imagination forgotten garment world his particularly dress was immediately worn by a range of celebrities, among others Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez in the Versace dress

This was off course a contribute to the evergoing debate about celebrity endorsing in the fashion world that comes with all its' pro and cons according to brand image. Journalist Lisa Armstrong wrote that we consume celibrities as avidly as any drug and that certain designers have come to rely on tabloid images of celebrities to shift their garments off the rails.

Armstrong also nominated the Versace dress as Dress of the Year for the Bath Museum of Costume in 2000, instead of Hussein Chalayan's wooden table-dress, because she thought it represented a high-water mark in the current symbiosis between fashion and celibrity.

Hussein Chalayan's wooden table-dress

And about the celebrity endorsing, I am well aware of it but I don't consider myself to have the authority to completely trash it. I just know that I don't like when they put Cheryl Cole on the cover of a magazine and call her a fashionista or a style icon.

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