söndag 20 december 2009


The marvelous with being home during Christmas is that I got to experience the essence of Swedish winter. Heavy snow flakes settled as a layer on the ground, trees and roof tops and created a truly winter landscape which evoked the Christmas spirit even in my chrissy cynical heart.

I took the bus to the southern to meet some friends, have a few drinks and do the mandatory christmas shopping. Me and Sara went to a bar for a few beers.

We took the train to Malmö where they had lit up the city with all kinds of different innovative decorations. Among the Christmas market stalls we found a carousel.

The evenings was mostly spent at different bars/clubs. They involved a lot of laughter, dance and clothing layers-it´s an art form to dress suitable for -15 degrees outside and temperature á la discotheque inside.

Such a joker behind me doing the bunny ears. Made me laugh though, but that´s only beacause I´m easily amused.

Well, this was the summary of my mini holiday in Lund. According to the christmas gifts, I will shop all of them tomorrow, cause the other days I will be working as a dog.

5 kommentarer:

  1. karusellen är så fin, ger mig julstämning

  2. åh jag bara älskar karusellbilden!!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Nice blog do you have.

    merry christmas x Birgit

  4. I've only experienced Swedish summers, which are delightful. I am too much of a woos to go to Sweden in the Winter! But it's great to see your photos. Thanks for your comment, by the way.