fredag 4 december 2009


Mall chain Esprit are using the young faces by Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (daughter of the editor of French Vogue) and Daisy Lowe to front their Spring campaign. The celebrity endorsement is a gesture Esprit hope will attract the cool fashion people.

Restoin-Roitfeld will be the face of the woman´s casual line while Lowe accompanied by her ginger boyfriend will appear in the advertising for EDC by Esprit.

The campaign is shot by Barnaby Roper in a car cemetary in the outskirts of L.A.

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  1. coolest ever, i love julia! and thanks for dropping by the blog, i really aprreciate it!

    xx raez

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment :)
    I study fashion, sewing, art and design. And you can't imagine how it can be cool :)
    XxX Lou

  3. Interesting ads, I am glad Esprit is finally getting creative. The images are wonderful, a car cemetery!!

  4. hello lovely lady, thanks for the comments, wishing you loads of luck in your hunt for treasured furnishings!

  5. News on

    New post by Mariam.B, his digital camera is break so she took photos with her mobile !
    Come on and see her post :) see ya